Ges automation

The GES automation, established in Manfredonia on 23.09.2009, it is administered by the Electronic Expert Michele Ciuffreda.

His personal experience, as an employee in multinational companies, ensures to GES automation value added, which qualifies and guarantees the quality of workmanlike execution of the activity, Which Consulting, Designs, Installations, Maintenance Of Electrical Installations, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Mechanics, Energy recovery.

Companies that have contributed to the technical-professional training of the technical expert Michele Ciuffreda, have been : SIEMENS spa – PSA Automation – IVECO spa– FIAT spa – COMAU spa –TYCO ELCTRONICS spa – SAVED SPA – SPIRAX SARCO.

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La Ges Automation

It is the policy of GES Automation to ensure maximum customer satisfaction in compliance with their expectations and needs, explicit and implicit, initial and subsequent, through the high quality of the products / services offered.

It is the policy of GES Automation to undertake to comply with the legislation and regulations signed on the environment and the health and safety of workers, in order to prevent, in any case, pollution and accidents. Therefore, in the full belief that the success and progress of the GES automation are based on customer satisfaction (who is increasingly attentive to the characteristics of the product / service offered), on meeting the needs of workers and interested parties, and respect for the environment.

Company position

The GES automation, has the primary objective of confirming its position as a company oriented towards customer satisfaction, in compliance with environmental policies, mandatory and voluntary, going through a consolidation and improvement of effectiveness, business efficiency and flexibility, adopting the promotion of Quality / Environment and Safety as a strategic choice, pursuing further company objectives and the continuous commitment to improving the Integrated Management System.

The will to achieve the objectives set translates into the assumption of a series of commitments by the GES automation. that, recognizes the correct perception of the requests and needs of customers and workers and their immediate translation into quality services of fundamental importance, that materialize and exceed expectations, resulting from this an image growth, competitiveness and profitability.

The GES automation guarantees that the integrated Quality / Environment / Safety policy is understood, implemented and sustained.


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Ges automation